Budweiser red light malfunctioning

the light seems to connect to wifi as there is a green light and it does react to when my team scores but i can’t connect to it on the app. i have done multiple scans and multiple new device configuration attempts but the light isn’t detected by either my phone or my ipad. batteries have been changed. it started to stop responding when budweiser forced everyone on to the new app.

I’m afraid this is going to need support from Budweiser. The device connecting (green light etc) is our domain but Budweiser built the app etc.

i see, thank you for that. i’ll reach out to BW and see what i can come up with.

by the way, sorry to double post but it seems i’m unable to confirm the the technical support line for BW.

i saw 1-855-red-bud1 but that line seems to be either constantly busy or inactive. any chance you know the number?

No idea, I’m afraid!

understood, thanks anyways. have a good day!