Budweiser Red Light issues

Received my device today. So far, it somewhat works alright. I was able to successfully connect it to my Wi-Fi; however, it seems to go in a permanent sleep or power saving mode after 5 minutes or so. From then on, I receive the following message* when attempting to test it from Android (Samsung Galaxy 5, Android 4.4.2), and there is no flashing light whatsoever. I tried resetting the device (turning it off for 30 seconds), to no avail.

*“Your light should be activated via server request. If this did not work, switch off your light and switch it back on again and retry once the light on the Electric IMP Card is flashing green.”

Not sure if this is an expected behaviour or not. There’s a game tonight, so I’ll see whether it works as intended or not.

That’s expected behavior of the red light. It sleeps after 5 minutes to preserve battery.

It wakes up for scheduled games. This is how the battery can last years :slight_smile:

Indeed. The game warning did work as intended. The goals should follow.

Thanks for the support anyway. :slight_smile: