Budweiser red light goes to sleep during games

I just got my light and found it didnt wake up for the flames game tonight. I turned it off and on again and resynced it and it worked testing from the app and when the flames scored shortly after, then it went to sleep again. It seems it goes to sleep after about 5 minutes whether a game is on or not. Once it is asleep I have to turn it off and on again to get the green light flash. Also it doesnt seem to save in the app so when I open the app again I have to go through the initial config process to test it again. How can I fix this please? MAC address is 0c2a690ac59e. Thanks in advance!

I’m afraid that’s something we can’t help with - it’s at the application level. You should contact Budweiser support if it’s not working for you.

The green light will not continue flashing after 60 seconds; that doesn’t mean it’s asleep.

Ah I see, I thought it was supposed to stay flashing during games. Thanks Hugo I will try them.