Budweiser Red Light Gen 1 - Long Flashing Yellow Light after WIFI setup

With the introduction of the new glass I went back and looked at my older Budweiser Red light gen 1 and tried to get it on my new network. 2G, reset the card, and reprogrammed with both Android and iPhone. After reset I get a green light, after programming I get a green light, afterwards I just get a long flashing yellow light. I think this means that no WIFI information was configured. I think it has always been this way so I might have a bad card. Any ideas?

Flashing yellow means no config, yes. If the device went green before then that likely means your device wasn’t built correctly in the Budweiser factory. What’s the device ID?

IC: 4491A-IMP001

Ok, give it another try now (ie, blink it up again)

Tried a few resets and reprograms, but it now only blinks a slow yellow, as if it can’t be programmed.

Are you seeing the green flash at the end of blinkup? I still don’t see it coming online at all. Are the batteries OK in the red light?

I reseated the batteries and reprogrammed. It seems that now it’s connecting and I was able to trigger it a few times. Thanks so much!

I’ve never seen a bud light in person. What batteries does it use? Could you retrofit it to use a wall wart?

4 D batteries in a standard battery holder. It should work off a wall wart by splicing the battery leads.

@cmos glad you’re up and running before the season really starts!

Obviously this will void any warranty, but a 5v 2A supply should work fine with it. You need a lot of current because when the light is triggered, it draws a lot of power for the lights and the noise :slight_smile:

I had to use an iphone to get my Budwesier Red Light to activate. None of the Android devices in our home would activate it. I noticed someone else’s post that made me try it with the iphone.

Hugo I have 1st generation Bud red light. Worked well for 3yrs but it will not synchronize to the system. I get short green light then goes to red blinking light. Can you help me

Can you resend pm

Getting short green means blinkup is ok; re-check that you are giving it the correct SSID and password (it’s case sensitive), and check that it’s a 2.4GHz network.

Thanks Hugo: you were right on the money my iPhone capitalized first letter of my password and did not let me log on. All fixed now thanks again