Budweiser red light disconnects

My red light keeps disconnecting. If I power cycle it then it will work for a little while, but eventually disconnects. When it’s disconnected I can’t activate it via test and it doesn’t go off when one of the selected teams score. Any ideas what I can do?

This is how the light is designed.

The test button in the app only works for a minute or so after power up - this is how the batteries last years. It will still wake up for the configured matches, but generally it spends most of its time asleep.

If you’re seeing it miss goals, contact Budweiser. Some other users have reported this, it seems like maybe they have problems with their real-time scoring backend.

Mine goes to sleep after 2 minutes and does not work from that point on. IF a goal is scored while green light is flashing and it hasn’t gone to sleep it works fine. Other than that it’s a $150 piece of crap paper weight. No response from Budweiser in over a week. Nobody answers their phones. Only alternative is call the cc company and file a dispute on the charges for it. I’m definitely pissed this thing doesn’t work and there seems to be no customer service.

If you give me the mac address (has “0c2a69” in it, either on a label under the unit or on the white SD card if it’s an older one) then I can check it’s all happy in our system - but it should be, given that the test button works.

The Bud system is separate though, and as I said, that’s the one that deals with the scoring data. I would guess they’re just all away over the holidays and will get back to you tomorrow…

I missed a few goals yesterday, but today I haven’t missed any. I’m not doing anything different, it just doesn’t seem to be disconnecting today.

I did a lot more digging and found that an issue was likely introduced with our last deploy that affected idle long poll connections (between 350 seconds and 600 seconds).

Bud have deployed a workaround now, we’ll keep an eye on it and address the root cause in our next deploy… but from now you shouldn’t see any missed goals.

Thanks for following up, I’ll keep an eye on it and update here if I still have problems.