Budweiser red light connection issue

I was recently gifted a previously enjoyed Budweiser red light, however, I can’t get it to connect to my WiFi. I tried to connect it via my Samsung galaxy S22 ultra, no luck, then I tried with my iPad. With the iPad, after the blinkup, I see a green light on the Budweiser light, then it goes back to one long red blink and 2 short red blinks. I’m assuming it’s because it’s been connected to another device/WiFi and maybe was not deleted/removed from it? It hasn’t been used in a very long time, how do I reset the WiFi/device and connect it to my own? Thank you in advance.

Long red and two short reds is what the device signals when it’s looking for the WiFi network you entered via BlinkUp. I’d check that you have the SSID entered correctly in the app and re-Blink. When the device has connected to the cloud, you’ll see a slow green blink.

If Blinkup is successful — signalled by the green light you saw — it automatically overwrites all existing WiFi settings, so there’s no need to clear them first.

I don’t think it’s so much a WiFi connection issue as it is that it hasn’t been removed from the old cell phone it was connected through. That phone has long since been upgraded.

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