Budweiser Red Light - 2 questions

  1. I see discussion here about removing the imp – how do you remove it and where is it? I don’t see anything removable other than the battery cover.

  2. It worked for last night’s game, but it seems that after it goes to sleep it doesn’t come back on again when I “test” it using the app. Hitting “test” in the app does nothing. Will it still wake itself up 5 min. before the next game?


  1. The imp is only removable on the version 1 product which used the imp001 SD card imp. The later ones had imp002, which is soldered down internally.

  2. Yes, the unit only stays awake during games to save battery, which is why the test button does nothing outside games (or just after you did blinkup). It’ll still wake up 5 minutes before any of your selected teams are playing!

Great, thank you!