Budweiser Light (What Worked For Me... FINALLY) w/Apple Router

I wanted to share what finally worked for me to connect my Budweiser Light to my Apple Airport Time Capsule (and Apple Airport).

OK, some facts. My Budweiser light arrived late 2013, so I missed the playoffs (my team was out). But, it did connect (at my old house) with an apple airport router. I put the light away for the summer. I moved late 2013, and finally had the time to get my light out for the 2014 season. I followed every basic how to setup found on the budweiser website, as well as info found here and nothing would work.

I was trying my Budweiser Light to hook up to my Apple Airport Time Capsule with either an Android phone (Motorola XT925 or Samsung Note III, as well as an iPhone 4, and a 1st Gen Apple iPad). And after flashing and programming the IMP card, the IMP card would flash Red, Orange, Red Orange etc… (an indication that the Budweiser Red Light is communicating with the Wifi Router) and eventually would time out. Never, ever successfully connecting with the Apple Time Capsule Router.

I finally gave up and put the light away. But with the start of the playoffs, I tried one last time. In order to successfully connect, I took out my old DLINK DIR-825 router. I chose WPA-2, with a simple alpha numeric password (no symbols) and connected that to my Cable modem. I made sure that my laptop and my phone would connect to the internet (and they did).

I used the Apple iPhone to program the IMP CARD (and for the 1st time, just as the programming flashes completed… I did notice the IMP card flash green 1st before cycling Red Orange), and the IMP CARD connected to the DLINK wifi router… and the IMP CARD remained GREEN (an indication that the Budweiser Red Light was receiving a firmware upgrade). I had a bad feeling, that the reason the Apple Time Capsule would not flash with the Budweiser Red Light was due to firmware and not the IMP Card nor the programming sequence.

I left the Red Light take the firmware download (it took a solid 5 minutes), and when the green light turned off. I waited another 5 minutes or so. I turned off the light and let it reconnect to the temporarly installer D-Link Router.

I put back my Apple Time Capsule with WPA-2 and long complex WIFI password (alot of characters including symbole) and used the iphone to reprogram the IMP card, and the F’in Budweiser Red Light Connected perfectly to the Airport Time Capsule.

My problem comes down to the Budweiser Red Light not being flashes to the latest firmware. The reason I am taking the time to let others know, is because Budweiser Tech Support nor here on the IMP Forums has anybody made mention of it. As well, there is know way of knowing what firmware a particular Budweiser Red Light is on.

Cheers Everyone…


Thank you for coming back to tell us our experiences, I’m sure it will be useful to others, it’s a pity there’s that there is not an open version that could be used for other sports, it looks like fun!

Sure the issue wasn’t a mistyped password the first time? We use apple airports in the office (and I use a TC at home) - they’re very sold and work well with imps.

I am 100% positive it wasn’t a type, or misspelled password. I created a very difficult but easy to remember password. The Budweiser red light app even lets you see what password your typing (instead of the usual * * * * * . . .)
The issue, and I am 100% convinced, was with the firmware version for the Budweiser Red Light. The tech support offered by Budweiser is typical of a call center environment. They mean well, don’t know much, and offer you look elsewhere for the answer.
So, at the end of the day, the following items have not changed… The same imp card, the same apple time capsule router, the same wifi router password, the same iPhone 4 to flash the imp card, the same budweiser App, the same budweiser red light (except for taking a firmware update, through the using of linking it up through an older D-Link wifi gaming router that I keep handy).
It is too bad there is no way that the Budweiser Red Light People do not have on file or keep information concerning firmware versions. Because since being able to flash the firmware on the light, the Bud Light connects beautifully with my Apple Time Capsule router.

This is one of the reasons that MakeDeck focuses on Electric Imp products. The fact that EI can push updates to all devices means more devices get connected with fewer problems. With the release of the P3V3 board, we are updating all boards with the latest firmware before they are shipped.

The firmware version is controlled by us, not by budweiser - and as I said, we’ve used apple airport devices for the entire development of the imp…

So, the Budweiser light development and firmware is NOT controlled by Budweiser? So, why are they offering a support line instead of forwarding everyone who calls the Budweiser Help line here?
Anyways, the only NON Constant before the getting the Budweiser Light to work was the Apple Time Capsule. The Internet Provider, the Imp Card, the Budweiser Light, the Wifi Password, the Encryption, were all the same. Nothing worked getting the light to connect. Used a DLink router, connected first shot, took an update and put back the Apple Time Capsule and connected. From this point on, I leave the light on just in case anymore updates are being sent, I don’t want my light having connection issues again…


The firmware IS controlled by Electric Imp no matter who develops the end product. Development of the Red Light itself IS NOT controlled by Electric Imp. Firmware updates are generally pushed when the device boots, so if you want to receive them, you’ll need to power cycle.

I got my Budweiser Red Light Exchanged under warranty (power switch stopped working)… and I re-inserted the IMP card from my previous Budweiser Red Light. Technically, when the seasons starts up again next year… will the New Budweiser Red Light Work with the previous IMP Card, or, do I need to go about reprogramming it…

You should re-blink it up. Though the card has your wifi credentials, the teams are associated with your red light itself.