Budweiser Goal light flashing orange

Hello, I have a similar issue. I have a 1st gen bud red light. When I try to set up my imp card, it starts flashing red/orange, then it flashes green a few times, then it goes to orange. Can anyone help? I am also having trouble connecting it to the Budweiser red light app if I could have some assistance.
Mac address: 0c:2a:69:01:58:a5
Device ID: 231b6eb236a7c9ee


Are you blinking the device up with the Budweiser app?

You cannot blink up a commercial (“blessed”) device with the imp developer app. If you try that, the behavior you described is what you’ll see.

Hey Hugo,

First off thank you for reaching out,
Yes I am trying it with the Budweiser app and I am having trouble connecting/syncing the horn with the app. If you have any suggestions please let me know,


The ID is not associated with a Budweiser device at all. Did the device ever work?

But also - you obviously have used the imp developer app to get the device ID by attaching it to your developer account, as the ID is not exposed in the Budweiser app.

Hey Hugo,

Yeah so I bought it used on Facebook and I assumed it worked before.
Yeah I have connected it to the imp developer app as I felt it might help you diagnosis it.
It seems to work on the developer app just not the Budweiser app.
Would their be a way to make the ID familiar with the Budweiser app?

Some of the very early production had some production steps missed at the Budweiser factory which we can fix server-side (if you search a long way back on this forum you’ll see a few cases).

We’ve done that for your device ID, so try again with the Budweiser app now and let me know how that goes.

Hey Hugo,

Yep it works now thank you so much you are amazing!

Have a great day,

-Tom Marzolf.

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