Bought some imps 7 days ago and still no news

hello i bought 5 imps and 5 april boards the 3th of july (7 days ago!!) but still no news from you.
any help please because i need them urgently.

my order nr

Order #2554


Hi António,

There may have been a delay due to US public holidays last week - I’ll check the order status and let you know.


Your order is just about to ship.

Hello Phil, just noticed that my order is being hold on portugal customs
They contacted me and you need to change the zip code from 3810-160 to 3860-160
I guess this is not the place to ask you this but in electric imp store there is no place to ask you this.
I made a mistake when inputing the zip code in my address.
Can you do this please ?
I will check it after you change it.

That shipment went out by US postal service so unfortunately there’s no way we can amend the zip code now. Please DM @DillonImp for replacement options.

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