Boot speed - time from cold start to http.get

Hello, I am yet to purchase an imp, as my project depends on ‘boot’ time -
how long is the period of time from powering up the imp, to it being able to issue a synchronous http.get (as, for example, the very first action coded for the imp after powerup)?
I have a project requiring power be disconnected to the imp for a period of weeks, then requiring rapid reporting of preliminary data as soon after powerup as possible.

Hmm, I’ll give this a go now.

Between 3 and 4 seconds from turning the wall socket on and seeing in the log that the agent received the response from the server. Quicker than I thought actually!

thanks opb - that’s pretty speedy.
Appreciate your help

Yep, fast wake and boot is a reason to love the Imp, and the Imp team is constantly working on making it faster. Part of that time is going to be out of their control, as the Imp has to communicate with your wireless networking hardware.

Almost all of that time will be joining to your network, DHCPing, and doing the TCP and SSL connection to the Electric Imp cloud servers. If you timed the difference between wakeup and, say, driving an output pin high (which we measure for every firmware build as part of our system-tests) then the answer would be under 0.02 seconds for warm boot (timer or pin1 wakeup). For cold boot (power on) it’s always going to be longer, as the imp has to check that the Squirrel code it has isn’t out-of-date.