BOE BOT Arduino IMP!

Just completed this Parallax BOE Bot. It is giving a piggy back ride to an April Board with imp in place. Using the BOE Bot bread board, the April is operating a TMP 36 temp sensor and is wired to an LED that turns on when Temp is high. The temperature reading is sent wirelessly to the imp Planner. The Bot has an Arduino UNO and Parallax BOE expansion board that runs a script that autonomously moves the bot around (using continuous rotation servos) with two movement sensors. A ping sensor on the front scans (using an acoustic ping distance sensor mounted on a standard servo) for open space and makes turns before obstacles are encountered. Two IR LEDs and IR sensors mounted on the front sides look for drops (like stairs) and avoids them. The Bot scans and moves around the house and wirelessly reports back the temperature readings. The red LED indicates from a distance if the Temp is greater than 80 F. It was a cool project to do with my 11 year old son combining the imp with the BOE Bot + Arduino kit. Allowed for lessons in writing code for both the Arduino and the imp. Photo attached.


I <3 robots!!

This is really neat - does it know where it is in the house when it reports the temperature, or is it just a “the temperature in the house where BOE Bot is is x degrees”

Doesn’t know where it is yet. Debating compass versus a GPS solution for that.


Bot now has a compass. Transmits degree readings via imp to planner.