Any chance there will be Bluetooth integrated into an IMP? It’ll extend EI applications to non-stationary devices such as wearables, personal accessories, etc. Should be pretty easy to add, right?

I don’t think it will fit anymore in an imp, but you can build it yourself on a breakout board, like this one

@DolfTraanberg - of course you can, but it would be great to have this bundled. Bluetooth board itself costs as much as IMP and has roughly the same size. I think the main value of EI is the cloud platform, so if they could make IMP003 in a slightly bigger size but with Bluetooth, it is still great.

Word has it that the new Imp will be 10% the size of the current module…haven’t heard anything about Bluetooth.

@jwehr - 10% the size or 10% smaller? I will be stunned if the next IMP is the former rather than the latter.

Be stunned. Quoting Hugo: “Oh, for that you’re gonna want our newest module. Won’t be available for a bit, and you need to add your own antenna, but it’s 10% of the size of imp002.”

Yep, 10% of the size. Sorry, not looking at integrated bluetooth, but we are working on an imp+bluetooth reference design.

Great news! It means this design will be available just as April/Hannah and others?


Just found this which uses AT commands via UART just 6 bucks