Bluetooth booting error

Hi, currently i encounter this problem.
the bluetooth will fail to open when i update the firmware (not always). and wont be able to open unless i remove the power source.

is there anyway i can reset the bluetooth without imp bluetooth API?
it seems like the bluetooth stuck in advertising.

Which imp model? (I think this is imp004m based on the error message) - and how do you have things wired?

Hi Hugo,

thank you for mentioning the wired part. just found out that the bluetooth REG ON pin is wired to 3.3v so it will not pulled down unless the battery is drained.

is there any way i can soft rest the bluetooth from uart port? without the API, just manually send the command

Hmm; I really don’t know if that’s possible. I suspect a BT HCI reset will simply reset the stack, not do a full power up reset to the point where the BT chip is expecting a firmware download.

Do you have access to the BT_REG_ON signal? Trying to tie it to the STM32 nRESET might work, as that toggles when you call imp.reset() I believe.

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