I moved. In my old house we were in the middle of nowhere and all my wifi security was shut off and I had no issues connecting the IMPs to my router. Now I have neighbors and the wpa, wpa2 securities and passwords are turned on. Same router. Now after blink up, I get a single Green blink then Red blinks 1 long 3 short which I think means “joining network”. The IMP never connects and does not show up in the IDE. Any ideas? Thanks.

BTW I’m using an iPod Touch (3rd I think) to do the blinkup.

If you’re getting a single green blink it means your imp successfully read the BlinkUp, which is a good first step!

If you have changed your Electric Imp password recently, it’s possible the app still has the stale token and you need to sign out of the app, and then back in.

I’m assuming you’ve already done this - but it’s also worth double and triple checking that the SSID and network password are identical (and case-sensitive).

(and check that you are not trying to connect the imp to a 5GHz network)