BlinkUp with Nexus 4 possible at all?

Hi all,

out of frustration I finally ordered a imp 002 dev kit (complete with imp, resistors, photo diode and the two color led) to rule out any issues with the photo diode or resistors. Unfortunatel, I still cannot teach my imp 002 to use the wifi via BlinkUp. My final hope is that the Nexus 4 is simply incompatible. There are a lot of discussions, but some say it works and some say it does not.

Who can confirm that the LG Nexus 4 works? One other device I could soon try is an older Samsung Nexus S, at work potentially Samsung S3 and S4’s.

Also, will there be a pure wifi-based setup coming to the imp? It feels like the photo-diode based setup is cool trick of course but apparently there are too many incompatibilities.

Wow, I sympathize… that is really frustrating. When you start the blink-up process, does your LED stop blinking? Meaning, as soon as the screen starts flashing, if the imp is wired correctly, it should recognize that it is being programmed, and stop flashing until blink-up is complete. If it doesn’t, it isn’t even recognizing that blink-up is happening. I have a number of imp002’s with various blink-up configurations working, but I do use an iPhone. Although, you should be able to blink up just fine with android. Are you able to borrow an iOS device for a few minutes to test?

The nexus 4 is one of the models in our test pool of android devices, and in our experience works fine. The SGS3/4 work fine too, but remember to turn off “power save” mode (the samsung extension - swipe down from the top for the controls then turn powersave off. We can’t do this programmatically because samsung don’t have an API for it…)

Setup is via blinkup only. What did you try before the imp002? Can you post a picture of your imp002 setup?