BlinkUp to another account

Hi all,

I’m trying to move an imp from a developer account to another (account1 to account2). So I made the following steps:

  • login the BlinkUp App with the account1 and reset wirless settings with “Clear Wireless Configuration” command;
  • delete device from account1;
  • logout and login BlinkUp App with the account2 credentials and blinkup.

This procedure doesn’t work for me: the imp blinks orange and seem accepts wireless settings only if it is reconnected using the account1 credentials. (tested several times)

Is it the right procedure? Any solution to move the imp?
Thank you very much, bye.

I’ve tried with the Android App (instead of iOS) and I solved the issue.

Very strange, the second report of an iOS blinkup issue recently. What iOS device and OS were you using?

Sorry for the late answer, I didn’t received any mail notification about your message.
I was using an iPhone 4s with iOS 7.

Sorry for the last message, I posted it with a client user.