BlinkUp SDKs Updated

New Android release: 6.4.1
New iOS release: 19.9.0

We’ve just posted important updates to both the Android and iOS BlinkUp SDKs, which you can download now from the Dev Center.

The changes are largely under-the-hood and improve how the SDK interacts with the device-enrollment server, which is hosting a new, improved API. Please update your app development toolchains.


Looks like there was a change in the format of data sent to the users via BlnkupController.getTokenStatus() method. It used to have the field called device_id, but now this field is missing. The available fields are:

"agent_url": "omitted",
"claimed_at": "omitted",
"created_at": "omitted",
"id": "omitted",
"impee_id": "omitted",
"plan_id": "omitted"


Which one should we use instead of device_id? Is it id or impee_id?

The change affects only version 6.4.0 of Android SDK.


Upd.: the sample_agent example in the zip archive does not have any comments mentioning what happened to the good old device_id field.

Hmmm. There shouldn’t have been a change of format. FWIW, the keys impee_id and device_id have identical values, but both should be present. I’ll check this out.

Nice, thank you!

I asked one of my teammates and he said that impee_id and device_id should have the same values, although impee_id is deprecated as far as he remembers. That’s why I was hesitant to switch to impee_id.

impee_id was the correct one to use going way back. I’m not sure when device_id was added, and I don’t think we’ve ever formally stated that it was the one to use. BTW, “impee” is the historical term for a device containing an imp, and has only been maintained here for backward compatibility with older app code.

Your comment has prompted me to formalize the list of keys supported in the JSON returned by the Android SDK, and we’ll get an updated version out shortly and document an authorized set of keys that can be used. That list will inlcude device_id. The API changes that led to the release of SDK 6.4.0 provide use with a lot more info that we can bubble up to an app via the SDK, so we’ll be adding some other keys too.

The iOS SDK will be updated likewise.

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FYI, in the short term I have added the device_id key back to the JSON response. Download SDK 6.4.1 here

Yup, I checked 6.4.1 and device_id is there. Thanks for helping us out!

(I also noticed that an attempt to get a token status now seems to fail with timeout error, even on 6.3.0, but I’ll create a separate ticket for that).