BlinkUp problems

Suddenly BlinkUp doesn’t work. LED colours are not understandable, cannot clear Device settings …
Not form iPhone app, not from web (Safari doesn’t come on ti BlinkUp at all, must use Chorme).
Never this happen over >10 years and many imps BlinkedUP.
Seem that everything with imp slowly goes down.
Any ideas or info?

Device-side hardware failure perhaps? BlinkUp hasn’t changed from a device firmware perspective. iOS now uses the same three-level transmission system that Android has used for many years, but this actually makes BlinkUp more resilient (no longer dependent on precise timings).

Got a device ID (PM it if you don’t want to publish it here) and imp model info?

I suppose that there are device-side hardware problems. Five imp001 I get a couple of years ago from ElectricIMP seems are with failures.

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