BlinkUp on a Hotel WiFi

I sent one of my sales colleagues with my Imp device to a presentation but it is at a hotel with their WiFi hidden behind a log in screen (room number and passcode). I don’t image there is any way around this?

He doesn’t have a MiFi/Hotspot so that is not an option. He is looking around to see if he can get something but if you have an alternative connection method - I would be interested to here it.

Can they make a hotspot on their phone? I have used this method successfully many times?

They have what is called a “captive network”, and no, you can’t get the Imp past that.

Captive networks are the rage now, everywhere … cafes, airports, hotels. They offer free WiFi, and it’s free, but they want you to connect using a web page, usually with ads and other things. That’s how they are able to offer WiFi for free. It also controls who enters, as they may give each person a unique code to enter.

Thanks for the feedback. I figured there were no direct options. The Hotspot was not an option as it is a corporate device with the service block. I always carry my own MiFi device to make sure I can do my demo. Also, most customers that I visit have an option - but hotels are less accommodating.

Thanks again.