Blinkup OK but r-e-d - red - red searching can't find Wifi when it's right next to it

I have some old (2 years) Imp 001 cards, in Sparkfun ImpShield. On a 1.5A 5V PSU.
Blinkup from Samsung Galaxy 6, with power save off and brightness up.

Seems very random whether the blinkup works. And when it does, it doesn’t see the closest WiFi point (Draytek 2710n)… but it will connect to a more remote one (Draytek 2860). Then when I move the device to it’s final position (next to the central heating plant) I get red blinking ‘can’t see wifi’ even though the sig strength is OK (3 of 5 on the Samsung for the 2860, 5 of 5 for the 2710n).

Any clues? Why can’t it see the 2710n when that’s right there in the room? Also I turned off the CH system in case there was some sort of interference so it’s not that. And it’s not leaning against any wiring or anything.

Device is 2364614cead3dbee


Can you see which channels the wifi access point is operating on? The wifi could be using channel 12 or 13 and the imp only listening on channels 1 through 11.

US routers and US imps use channels 1 to 11 but outside of the US channels 1-13 are the norm with about a third of the routers on channel 13 from my experience.

Ah OK thanks rocketfire I’ll have a look at that tonight

Solved - I set router to channel 9 from Auto, and 2.4GHz only from multi. Perfect.
Calling imp.getcountry returns the USA code (I’m in UK)
Thanks rocketfire!!! :slight_smile:

FYI, @adamwynne, all the info on imp networking requirements is here:

Changing the AP to channel 1-11 can be hard. Most home users don’t even know they have wifi channels and when I’ve tried on their behalf everyone says “what’s an admin password - my ISP setup the router.” When routers auto select channel 13 it because it’s the least congested so locking it into a fixed channel might be detrimental to performance.

I wish there was an easier way, if only those two channels weren’t so forbidden in the USA then the world could harmonise …well a step in the right direction anyway. Hell I’d even start spelling things with a “z” instead of “s” if it helped.

Buying IMP002 breakout modules is a problem for me. I can only find them with US imps and not EU imps. Even the IMP002’s sold by littlebirdelectronics here in Australia are the US version so locally will fail to connect 1/3 of the time. That’s a high percentage of frustration, up there with heat-sealed plastic clamshell packaging and childproof medicine bottles. The last thing I want to see is imp-rage.

If you a commercial customer, then you can set the country code at blessing time (and enable channels 1-13 even on a US labeled module).

This got added for imp003 because there are no country variants for that, but it works on all devices with recent software.