Blinkup not working

I have a device (0c2a690863de) that try’s to blink up, when blink up finishes, the Led changes to Green once or twice, then blinks steady On/Off Red. The setup is as follows: A SMC Network Router from Comcast which is connected to and Apple Airport Exchange Router (4th Generation). I tried multiple times on an Apple Ipad with the same results.

When I clear the device settings, it does blink Amber, but can never get it to connect to the WiFi Network when configuring ???

Any ideas???

It does work on another router such as 2WIRE Router.

Sounds like the device is losing its connection: is the red flash like this animation, ie. BlinkUp is working (which is confirmed by the fact that you can clear the device config), but the problem lies in the subsequent network connection process. Might your multiple-router config be knocking it off or blocking outbound access?

Logs show the device you mentioned did connect in the past (17 May 2016) - was it via the same setup as you list, or different?