Blinkup issue with long latency networks?

I found 2 situations where I was not able to blinkup an Imp 1. Both situations were in rural areas, where Internet was supplied by microwave link and satellite service. In both cases I had successfully set up the units at home, and ran for a few days. Assume there is no power supply issue, as mentioned in another post. I was able to successfully erase the unit and blinkup initially showed success with green LED. Then for both installs, the LED shows rapid red blinking, and the blinkup shows as unsuccessful. Other devices (iPhone, Macbook connect to WiFi w/o problem). Is it know that there are issues with Blinkup via satellite and microwave WiFi? Would be great to find a workaround. Thanks for reading this post.

The imp does need to connect within ~5 seconds, but that should be fine even for a satellite link.

Got a video of the process? What’s the ping time you see to from a macbook on the same network?

Hi Hugo, I have no direct access to these remote sites. Will take a while to get more data. I had two occasions out of eight where I could not complete the blinkup. Is there more diagnostics that can be done on the Imp Side, apart from the LED patterns?

It depends; if you can do it repeatedly and we can identify the source IP, we can take a packet dump and see what’s coming from that end (and work out the latency).