Blinkup failure

Looking at the manual: Is IP filtering set to “disabled”?

I really can’t see any other options that would cause an issue. The fact it’s appearing in your wireless client list is good, but it should also appear in your DHCP client list.

Can you triple check your wifi password?

I will try again…

IP Filtering is set to disabled.

Is the Imp MAC address listed in both the wireless client list and the DHCP list or just wireless?

I can’t find a DHCP list…

The first pic you showed with “private LAN DHCP settings” has the list at the bottom

I give up. I might see if the newer router offered by Rogers helps…

If we could ever replicate one of these issues ourselves it’d really help. We’ve bought exact models of routers that people have had problems with, loaded with the exact firmware revision that didn’t work and… they’ve just worked fine :frowning:

Hugo: isn’t it possible for you to make some debug firmware writes log data to a SPI flash chip, and uploads it when internet does work ?

Anything is possible, but we don’t know what the issue is, so you don’t know what’s important. The best way is to set it up and then use external diagnostics tools (eg: packet sniffer) to not disturb the units under test, which is what we try to do when replicating issues.

Hello all. I wish I had something to offer to solve the issues here, but I would like to report a similar problem that just started today. I’ve tried blinking up wi-fi credentials from an HTC Desire C phone that’s worked fine until now. I’ve blinked up to 2 different imps and nothing has changed on my wireless router. My imp’s MAC address and IP shows up in my router’s list of connected devices, and a ping (ICMP) test is successful. After blinking up I get a very consistent pattern that I do not think I’ve seen before. After a couple of initial red-orange blinks, I get three 1 Hz green blinks, then anywhere from 1 to 4, usually 1 or two, quick red blinks, then back to the three 1 Hz green blinks. This cycles like this about10 times, = to about a minute, then goes dark.
I’ve repeated this pattern multiple times on 3 different networks with 2 different
imps, same HTC phone, which blinked up fine just 2 days ago.
Any ideas are much appreciated!

Sorry, forgot to mention that the result of all this is that I end up with no cloud connectivity and the imp is not posting http data to my server.

your connection seems to be ok. have you tried some other code to run?
Are you sure that your wifi channel has been set below 12?

I cannot access the imp from the IDE, so nothing happens when I click Build and Run. My wireless channel was set to Automatic, which I just now changed to 1, applied the changes, re-blinked up, no luck. But. . . .before I clicked ‘Post Comment’ here, I tried one more thing! I disconnected my cell phone from the network, reconnected, then re-blinked up and magic. . . I am now connected. Very interesting that it worked in ‘Automatic’ channel mode for months, and only now failed. Thanks very much for the solution DolfTraanberg! One more question,
is it generally a no-no to have the router’s wi-fi channel setting in ‘Auto’ mode ?

Generally it is no problem, but the Imp doesn’t work on channels higher than 11, so that’s a risk

This sounds like the blinkup token was stale (logging out and then in on the phone app gives you a fresh one). Probably unrelated to the channel setting on the AP.

Ok, that makes sense Hugo. When I set the wi-fi channel to 1 on the cradlepoint, I also did just that, logged out & back in on the phone app. I also did that on a Verizon MiFi 5510 jetpack. After removing the dashes in the SSID, I logged out & back in. Both times I assumed it was the changes that I made, rather than the re-log in in the app. Thanks.

Would any of this help me? See above… ha