BlinkUp failing

Hi all,

We use the imp003 on our Smart Garage Door Controller, recently we had some products returned from customers. The problem is that they can’t connect our product to WiFi .

This is what’s happening: Before BlinkUp the WiFi status led blinks orange (0.5 sec on/off), during BlinkUp the WiFi status LEd turns off, then immediately after the BlinkUp it starts blinking orange (0.5 on/off) again. This means (according to the troubleshooting guide) that the BlinkUp was " BlinkUp Codes: No WiFi settings, plan ID or enrollment token".

I checked the hardware and all components and they are the correct value.
Could this be related to firmware on the imp003 or the app software? Or more hardware-related?

Thanks in advance for any helpful comments.

Could be that the device has connected and been told to go away (eg left the factory unblessed).

You should file a support ticket at and we can dig in more with device IDs, etc.

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