Blinkup credentials in eImp app

We have a fair amount of imps in an extensive pilot, running on the developer servers. We use the eImp blinkup app.
Until now, we had to either do the blinkup ourselves, or give out our account credentials for others to be able to do the blinkup. Obviously I’d want to avoid that as much as possible.

When I create a ‘support’ collaborator, can that person do the blinkup with the eImp app using his/her support credentials and have the imp end up on our dev Plan ID so it’s accessible through the IDE on our account ?

2nd question, we do have a custom blinkup app which is used for a different product already in the production phase (for blessed modules). Can we use that one on non blessed devices to have them ending up on our developer Plan, or can that be only used on blessed imps ?

Re. Q2, you can’t use the app as is, but you can use a special version of it that hard codes your developer Plan ID to configure non-blessed devices to your account. But they do have to be unblessed devices or they won’t enroll. Equally, the modified app can’t then be used for blessed devices or, again, enroll will fail.

The support role is more about giving certain collaborators access to production device logs, it sounds like ‘factory operator’ might be more what you’re after if you need single set of credentials to hand out to pilot participants. Perhaps @kenny has some advice on this? Either way, whenever they configure a device, you’ll need to manually assign it to the shared model that you’re testing in the pilot.

ok. Sounds like making a quick variant of our production app is the easiest way.
Where can I find the developer Plan ID ?

Thanks @smittytone. @vedecoid, there are other workarounds but they definitely require more works than the production app approach.