Blinkup broken. On ipad: "Data retrieval error", and on Android: "device did not connect"

IMP003. When I do blinkup with Ipad I get data retrieval error. The wifi led blinks as if it connected to the wifi. The IMP does not show up in the IDE. Also tried with Android device. After blink up the wifi led blinks green a sif it connects to wifi. The blinkup app immediately says that device did not connect. Way to soon. I think a problem in the blinkup app. Do you know what is the problem?

If I look in my wifi access point the imp is connected but it doesn’t have an ip address.

when I use another IDE login it connects normally to wifi. Could it be related to my Electric Imp account?

Actually in both accounts it connects to wifi but it doesnt show up in the IDE.

I found the problem. The IMP was blessed. I wish the Android and iOS messages were clearer. This cost me a lot of time!

Noted for a future release.