Blinkup Aria Through external housing

I am excited about Aria, because it’s so small and perfect for wearable devices. My question is about the blink up process. I’m assuming anyone wanting to use my devices built with the Electric Imp platform would have to do the Blinkup themselves, so that it can be on their nearest wifi network. Well, what if the Aria is sewn in to something, or built into a box of some sort? Does anyone have any experience trying to blink up through semi transparent fabric, or what if there were a small hole that would shine the blink up through to the aria? How close to the Aria does the smartphone have to be in order for the blink up to be successful? Or, is there another product in the Electric Imp line that would better suit something like this?

The benefit of using a module is that the blinkup circuit is not ON the module (the board designer has to add the components themselves).

You could theoretically remove the blinkup portion of the circuit, and add some wires that would lead up to where ever you want to do BlinkUp.

I’m not much of a hardware person though, so I’m not sure I can talk a whole lot outside of what I just said :slight_smile:

Sheep, take a look at the P3V3 module for this, we specifically designed it with on board components, and the ability to use external components simply by changing solder jumpers 1&2. You can then prototype with external connectors easily.

Now, if you really wanted to do this with Aria, you could technically remove the phototransistor and LED, and solder leads to the pads to external parts. That would be fairly challenging, and probably require a hot air rework station, but isn’t impossible.


I have a C3V0 module set up specifically to test BlinkUp, so If you would have a specific fabric that you would like to have tested, I can certainly try.

Thank you for the responses. I’m not sure I want an additional component, for portability reasons.
@MakeDeck, I just ordered a few Arias from you. I will experiment with sending blink ups through different fabrics. As soon as I get the Arias, and do some tests, I will post the results.

Thanks for the support! I just tested BlinkUp on a P3V3 through the Hanes Cool Dri t-shirt that I am wearing, and it worked just fine. I’m sure it will depend on the density of the fabric weave.