BlinkUp API for xamarin

Hi Guys,

do we have any api for xamarin studio?


Not right now. Xamarin is designed for C# mobile app development - our BlinkUp APIs for mobile apps target native iOS and Android languages and IDEs. If there’s solid demand for other approaches, we’ll certainly consider it, but for now the vast majority of our customers’ mobile developers are working with Xcode and/or Android Studio.

I would for sure vote for a Xamarin sample solution as well. All of our Mobile app (iOS, Android and now UWP) development is on Xamarin which saved us manyears of development effort. It used to be expensive but with the recent acquisition by MSFT, it becomes freely available to millions of developers. My bet is that de days of per-platform-development will soon be over.
As Xamarin supports the use and incorporation of native libraries, both for iOS and Android, this shouldn’t even be a difficult task. Just a question of making an API mapping file, as far as I understood.
This way we could introduce blinkup into our App itself, which would be a major step forward !

We at Phoniro, would really like an api for xamarin, we develop all our apps in xamarin.