Blinking, what works and what doesn't

Hi All,
Just to get the ball rolling:
Add to the list HTC Desire does not work with Blink.
As advertised Asus TF101 does work, but app does not rotate to landscape.

More soon

Thanks for the info - it confirms what other users have reported on the HTC Desire and Asus TF101.  As you noted, at the moment, the app does not rotate but we plan on implementing this feature in the near future.

Hi All,

have successfully used the blink app with a HTC Desire S. One comment is that it kicks off the blink process without warning - no beep at start or finish. Worked fine however and my Imp is away and works OK

Perhaps you could include reporting of phone type in the blink up process to automatically collect phone types that work?


We had to remove the beeps from android because this would cause dropped frames (a couple of seconds after the beep was played, android tore down the sound path and this caused frame(s) to be dropped).

It’ll come back at some point…

The problem with sending the phone type is that it’s a fairly long string and that’ll make the blinkup longer and less likely to succeed :slight_smile: