Blink up works sometimes (unknown reasons)

Currently we have some models working with the IMP003. I have my doubts about the stability of the blink up as we encounter strange unexpainable errors.

Last week i tested 8 of our machines and 2 were not able to blink up correctly/at all. We kept trying the whole week to get them connected. So finaly we just gave up and left them for a few days. This morning we tried again, because we wanted to show someone (the PCBA supplier) that it wasn’t working.

You can guess what happened; it works… so as this happens quite often, we have some serious doubts about this procedure. Does anybody else have these strange, non-consistent erros?

we used exact same conditions and materials. (e.g. same phone, same credentials, same hardware, same lighting conditions, etc.)

another example; i once started the blinking procedure by accident on my phone… it blinks at the ceiling… but somehow was connected to a IMP that was not even mine…

as i am looking into this issue, i really like to rule out a software error/bug; as for now i think this is the case!

looking forward to your opinions.



More info on the phone in use, and OS version?

Did you do the tuning as noted on the website to set the blinkup gain?

When you say something connected to an imp that wasn’t yours, can you explain what led you to that conclusion? eg, did you see a device ID that wasn’t yours? The device ID in question and an approximate time lets us look in server logs.