Blink Up Screen need to dissmiss for iOS SDK

How to dissmiss blink up screen , is there any function to dissmiss it?
[blinkUpController presentInterfaceAnimated:YES resignActive: ^(BOOL willRespond, BOOL userDidCancel, NSError *error) {

I have called the above method and Blink up screen will be opened, when control get back to this screen, i need to dissmiss it, how can i do this? kindly help,its urgent.

I think you need to call your BUBasicController object’s forceDismissWithCompletionHandler:(void ( ^ _Nullable ) ( ))completionHandler method.

You can find more details in the Documentation folder that comes with the SDK, specifically the ‘BUBasicController Class Reference’.

Yes i did it, but it is not working. :frowning:

Without seeing code, it sounds like something you’ll need to file a support ticket for.


I was able to customize complete SDK by using ExamplecustomUI and i did it. However just one screen i am not able to change it that is count down screen that would be visible after click on clear setting button or blink up button. I need to make it custom instead of default providing with SDK.

Kindly provide help. Its very urgent.

Only the text (the string preflashText) can be changed on the countdown page, I’m afraid

Thank you,

But really i need to customize it. if any other way , please suggest.

And why r u afraid… :D.