Blink up Red/Orange/Blank Flash

I’m having an issue where my imp is blinking red/orange/blank and does not seem to be connecting to the internet.
My security is WPA/WPA2 PSK and I’m on a channel under 11. I used a nexus 7 to blink up with android 4.2.2 in legacy mode. The board I have is april from sparkfun.

I read in this post that a slow blinkup maybe required.

How do I reset my imp so that I can try a new blinkup? Is there another fix I could try as well? Let me know what I can do to try troubleshooting this issue.

I was able to blinkup using my ipod.

If you’re getting red/orange it means it’s connecting and trying to DHCP - the blinkup must have worked ok for you to get that far.

You don’t need to reset the imp between blinkups - the next blinkup will overwrite whatever the previous one set. Did you see a quick green flash at the end of the blinkup sequence?


I am facing the same issue…plz help


Same questions then apply? Did blinkup definitely work (green flash at the end, etc). Red-orange means it associated ok so password should be ok and the imp has joined the AP.

What router?