Blink up problem with Samsung s20

Hi all,

We had problems during blink-up with the Samsung s20 120Hz refresh rate display. It doesn’t connect to WiFi. The only way to solve this problem is to reduce the refresh rate to 60Hz.

We are using blink-up version 6.4.4.

What could be causing this problem?

That’s a known issue … anyone with a newer Samsung phone does the same thing … they change the refresh rate.

But wasn’t SDK v6.4.4 the solution for that issue?
It says “Support 120Hz frame rate on Samsung Galaxy S20” on the release note.

As I understand it, 6.4.4 should be auto-detecting the framerate and compensating; if this isn’t working for you, file a ticket and we’ll get it looked into.

The code implemented in SDK 6.4.4 does indeed auto-detect the framerate and adapts to it. It checks for a range of frequencies, including the 120Hz of S20s and the 90MHz of recent OnePlus devices.

The fix was verified for the original S20 by a customer, but it’s entirely possible that later Samsungs, or even updated S20s, and other phones change things further. As Hugo says, please file a support ticket with details and we can investigate further.

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