Blink up Library Request And Data Traffic

We have contacted sales for this matter , They told us to post it in the forum so we can get the 2 sdk for ios and android to integrate the blink up with our applications.
What do you need from us to give the sdk so we can begin working on it .

Another question which is not related :
There is a 1 mb gap for our end user else we will have to pay 0.2 $ on each mb spent . But the weird thing is that we can not monitor the data traffic so we can fix our code and tweak it . We need to see the data spend live … anyway to do that ?
If not ! How would you charge us for extra mb’s without us able to see the consumption , it is like electricity bill without a user meter reading !

Thank you
Maroun Abou Tanous

Can I integrate BlinkUp into my app?

The BlinkUp SDK (Software Development Kit) is currently available in both iOS and Android versions. At this time, we only offer the SDK to commercial clients. If you’d like to know whether you would qualify, please email

See their reply (at the bottom of your post). The SDKs are only for commercial use, you need to email sales and sign a service contract/sw license to get the SDK.

Data usage was shown in the IDE, but this feature is being revamped and so right now it’s not visible. It’ll be returning soon.

Hugo down is my reference not their reply. the sales of imp sent me to the forum here to get the sdk’s. beleive it or not that what happened :slight_smile:

data consumption (the sales reply was to write my own code so i can know how much data i spent) . also beleive it or not thats what i have been told by their sales and their dev team mail never answred back