Blink-Up App for Windows


It’s attached on the first page of this thread.


Where? If you are mean the link in the first post by robv it doesn’t seem to work. I just get a 404 error.


First page of thread. User Rkdoo uploaded it as an attachment.


Thanks Hugo. For some reason my laptop was not responding to the link or preventing the download.

I finally managed to get my IMP connected. Its been quite an ordeal though.

The android app did not work at all. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S2, but with a custom ROM.

The WinBlink program took a dozen attempts or so. I was getting a slow red blinking pattern that did not seem to match any of the codes. It looked like the Blinkup unsuccessful/Disconnected pattern but at half the rate shown in the video. Once I saw a green flash, another time yellow/red for a second or two and found it a bit confusing to follow what state the IMP was in.

I have an IMP001 on a April board.


If you had a very old imp (mac address <0x2a69000400) then the LED codes weren’t the same as they are these days, and it would have done a very big upgrade when it connected.

We have an S2 (though with the samsung ROM) in our test farm and don’t have issues with this, but it definitely wouldn’t have worked with the 2 year old software most likely on your imp card pre-upgrade.


Hi, original link is dead and I can’t seem to locate the mentioned attachment on the first page?


Hugo: "First page of thread. User Rkdoo uploaded it as an attachment."
Hi again, am I nuts :slight_smile: or is there no longer access to the mentioned attachment? Can you guys see it?


It’s back so probably due to the forum update …


@ThermIT - you are spot on. We noticed after the forum update that we broke the upload functionality, but it has since been identified and resolved :slight_smile:


many many thanks Hugo for win app.


thank u very much
this app made my day
much better than android app


Hi there.
I’m actually seeking the “WinBlink” windows .NET 3.5 application by fenconsultants, the link does not work anymore I really need the app…


If you look further up this thread, I think it’s attached to one of the posts.


Thanks heaps @robv - had no success with 3 different phones, but this did the trick!


@robv the attachment seems to be missing again and I can’t find a cache of the application. Is this no longer available?


Ah, didn’t manage the forum transition.

Attached, once more, here. (909.7 KB)


Thanks @hugo, this works great.