Blink to a web app


Is it posible to register/blinkup an imp device via a web page? without using the phone blinkup app?
What if the end user doesn’t have an iphone or android ?

Thank you

It’s in theory possible, but in our testing it depended a lot on the screen the web browser was using (ie some monitors worked better than others).

The end user requires iOS or Android right now. We may add windows phone support in the future.

I just read in the form several posts where it has been mentioned that EI will work on the development of a web based blink up app. Any news on that?
Most of my users are older people that don’t have a smart phone.

Hugo, would it be posible during the blink up process to get the user, email, passed, imp url, and send it to my web server to register my user?

As I said, we’ve tried it but results were variable. No plans to try and improve this right now. Your other question was answered on the other thread.