Blink not constant

I have my IMP up and running and the blink examples is working but the blink isn’t constant.

It blinks for a few seconds then stays fully on, blinks for a few seconds then fully on.

It never seems to stay in the “off” mode always either on or blinking.

Here is a video showing the issue.

Any ideas?



Bit strange, how fast are you trying to blink it? It seems like you’re doing this very quickly, and sending the commands over the network (eg from a tick tock node) which isn’t the best way to make a blinking light.

In general, if you wanted a fast blinking light then you’d implement the blinking in the firmware, not via the network.

I was just following the tutorial that used the tick tock node set to 10.

This not for any specific project, just playing.



Set to 10 (one blink every 10 seconds) or 0.10 (ten blinks a second)?

Looks like there’s some congestion and messages aren’t coming through smoothly. We’ve run things faster than 10 messages a second plenty of times though, so I’m not sure why your device is going so “lumpy”.

Weird, anyway. Not a big deal it was set to 10 not 0.10 in the tick tock but it was flashing much faster than every 10 seconds.

Not a big problem.



Phil …

I just got my new IMP and breakout board from Sparkfun. I did the same tutorials you did and mine does the same thing. There is no problem. When you write an output to zero (0), the LED turns ON. That’s because you’re “sinking” the output.

I assume you did the first Blink LED tutorial and it blinks like you think it should, then you added the 2nd part of that tutorial, where you’re seeing the strange blinking. The part where it’s blinking fast is when it’s NOT inhibited … running the old blink fast part. Then, it becomes inhibited and stays ON because you write a zero (0) to the output. Make sense? And the TICKTOCK makes it cycle back and forth.

I no longer wanted to use the TICKTOCK, so I changed it to HTTP IN and created a webpage with a form method=“post” … to the URL. I now write a one or zero (1 or 0) using a form to turn it ON or OFF. Once I get into the javascripting JSON stuff, I can make a better user interface on my website.

Like you, I’m learning this Squirrel stuff for the first time.

EDIT: And for those that are new to the IMP and don’t have an iPhone (like me) for doing the commissioning, I used the free Windows Blink-Up program that is discussed in another thread. It worked perfect for me the first try, using my older PC with Vista and a 19inch LCD monitor.