Ble112 library with BGM113 issues

Hi, i am having issues trying to adapt the ble112 library (found here: reference/hardware/ble112 at master · electricimp/reference · GitHub) to use with the newer BGM113. I have read a few other topics here about this and it has helped me, but i am stuck.

I am trying to run this code:

I have modified the ble112 library slightly, and i think i am getting responses from the bgm113. But i am getting this error:

That gets thrown from:


I know there are differences between the ble112 and bgm113 but i just can’t figure out them.

Does anyone have a working library for the bgm113 or know something about this that can help?

Much appreciated.

This is running on a imp005 module btw.

Hello again, i have made more progress. but now when calling bgm113.reboot(); function i get this:

This resets the device via reset pin and bootup sequence is read out, but i seem to not be able to read the messages.

Hey! Did you find any solution? I’m having exactly the same issue…