BLE update using bglib


I am using bglib to communicate with ble113 with packet mode on and baud rate of 115200.

It is working for all other bglib api calls except for DFU ones.
dfu_reset & system_reset does not trigger a system_boot & dfu_boot event and dfu api calls are getting timed out.

Following are the logs generated by bglib

LOG: resp dfu_reset: timeout (unhandled)
LOG: resp dfu_flash_set_address: timeout

Following are my hardware.xml and bgprojec files


` ` ` It would be helpful if someone can push me towards right direction.

Hi @r0h1t4sh,

I either never tested the dfu commands or I never succeeded, I think the former. I even commented them out of the code in github! You might have to implement them yourself or at least finish the implementation I started. It might be worth popping onto the Bluegiga docs and forum and check that they actually function and do what you want them to do.

Speaking of which … what do you want them to do?