BLE continuous pairing

Hi, i have a problem with pairing with my apps here.
the problem is the unstable connection when i transfer data between apps and device.
sometimes it will automatically disconnected when transferring the data.
i also try to connect only with imp004m breakout board and it also disconnected within 1 minute after pairing.

is there any way to maintain the connection?

Can you paste the code you’re using, or file a support ticket with more details?

Hi Hugo,

i use the code from this link as is
setup the gatt then advertise

after i connect the BT then leave it idle for 1 minute, and the connection will terminated.
the problem occur even with the imp004m breakout boards.

What device are you using to connect? The timeout could be caused by the client?

i use smartphone bluetooth with nRF Connect apps. and only disconnect when connected to imp device.
when i connect to smartwatch the connection is stable (no disconnect after 5 minutes)

I’ve attempted to replicate this, and saw it, kind of. Using the referenced code and nF Scanner on Android, I got a disconnect after a minute, but it coincided with me viewing the app settings. When I reconnected, and did nothing but read the imp004m’s device info service characteristics, it stayed connected (currently 5 mins and counting)

using nRF Connect there is auto connect feature. but this is not solving the connection problem just make it easier to connect. because sometimes the connection is cut when i transfer data so i will need to redo the transfer later.
im not sure if this is what you use @smittytone

Yes, should have said: nRF Connect is what I’m using here. Not using the auto-connect feature, though.

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