BLE Connection on IMP004m

I’m new to BLE and am trying to connect to TI’s SensorTag CC2650. The IMP004m Bluetooth system is up and running, and I can see the SensorTag with the scanfilter and startscan functions:

// Bluetooth scan - found SensorTag
-pp-“rssi”: -58,
-pp-“type”: 4,
-pp-“addresstype”: 0,
-pp-“address”: “247189cfee01”,
-pp-“rule”: 0,
-pp-“time”: 163794,
-pp-“data”: “\tCC2650 SensorTag\b\u0000 \n\u0000”
} 27

payload data: 11094343323635302053656e736f72546167051208002003020a00

How do I make the actual connection, and begin to access the various services, which hold the sensor data?

The BLE implementation currently does not support the central role (ie initiating GATT connections) - it only provides a GATT server and the ability to receive/filter broadcasts. Central is due to be added in the next major release (release 42: release 40 is about to go to external testers).

Many sensor tag type devices actually stuff their sensor data into the advertisement (though, not the default firmware on this device), eg

Using the LightBlue app on my iPhone, I have to connect to the TI SensorTag device to get access to all its information, so I don’t think sensor data is available via the SensorTag advertisement on the IMP004m.

I assumed the ability to connect would be available, so I’m a bit disappointed. Keep me posted on release 42.

There will be betas before release… but, having used some of those sensortags (we did person tracking with them years ago at CES), they aren’t the best example of a BLE device. They burnt through batteries for one… depending on what you’re doing, it may be worth just looking for BLE sensors (that do advertise their data) on aliexpress.

eg … $11.70

Is support for BLE central role in release 41 already, or yet to be integrated?

41 just has the BLE device role on impC001 (matching 004m’s API). Central is still coming, probably in 44, but priorities are set by customer demands, so file a ticket if you need it sooner.