Better nomenclature unison between Android and iOS SDKs

Noticed that on iOS on a BlinkUp result you get a deviceId (common nomenclature as it referred to that in many other places). However on Android you get an ImpeeId() which is a bit confusing as it’s not called that anywhere else.

Is that the case? Both apps display the same value, the device ID retrieved from the server, and it’s the same server endpoint for both apps. Both apps headline this value ‘Device ID’. I’ve just tried it with both an imp001 and an imp004m.

As for the SDK, all the return data is accessed through field names with underscores, not just the device ID (as impee_id), whereas iOS are all lower camel case. If there’s demand, we can look at providing both in each SDK, but since the SDKs are themselves quite different (in terms of classes, methods, etc.) I’m not sure how much benefit there would really be.