Better information on firmware revisions/roadmap?

How can we tell what firmware version we are running?

Would it be possible for you to create a document that describes the new features in each firmware release, when they go active and a roadmap of features that you have planned?

I have noticed a lot of confusion among users posting to the forums that could be cleared up if this information was available. It is difficult with your current documentation model to understand what features that have only been mentioned in a reply in a forum post exist or when we might expect them.

Also, in general, it’s helpful to those of us without your deep knowledge of the device to be more precise than less. Things like “However, there is a definite maximum size of the serialised data, which is just under 4Kbytes” should specify exactly how many bytes are available. At least this kind of specificity has been present for every other embedded development environment I’ve ever used – and it’s often been important to know that.

if you haven’t signed up for a beta release every imp is supposed to run the latest firmware.
In the next release this function will be introduced: