Battery Charger issues on Imp006 breakout

I’m having some issues with the battery charger IC on my Imp006 breakout. The board is configured to run on battery power, with all jumpers on positions 1-2. It will run from either USB power, or LiPo. I am enabling the charger with appropriate settings for my battery, but when I run the example code, I always get this:

|2021-02-05T00:34:25.331 +00:00|[Device]|VBUS status: OTG|
|2021-02-05T00:34:25.335 +00:00|[Device]|Input Current Limit: 1400|
|2021-02-05T00:34:25.335 +00:00|[Device]|Fault Report|
|2021-02-05T00:34:25.335 +00:00|[Device]|--------------------------------------|
|2021-02-05T00:34:25.340 +00:00|[Device]|Watchdog Timer Fault reported|
|2021-02-05T00:34:25.340 +00:00|[Device]|Boost Fault reported|
|2021-02-05T00:34:25.340 +00:00|[Device]|VBAT too high|
|2021-02-05T00:34:25.340 +00:00|[Device]|Charging NOT OK - Safety Timer expired|

If I try to reset() the charger, I get:
|2021-02-05T00:47:09.830 +00:00|[Device]|ERROR: [ERROR]: I2C write error -4|
|2021-02-05T00:47:09.835 +00:00|[Device]|ERROR: in _setReg …p#bq25895.device.lib.nut#3.0.0:464|
|2021-02-05T00:47:09.835 +00:00|[Device]|ERROR: from reset …p#bq25895.device.lib.nut#3.0.0:271|

Thanks in advance, Joel

The charger on the 006 breakout is the bq24295, not the bq25895 (which was on the impC001). That’s probably the issue here?

That is the problem. The link on this page states the correct chip, but the link takes you to the bq25895 page, which is where I was led astray.

Ah! @smittytone one for you :slight_smile:


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