Battery Case for Imp002 Dev Board

I have one of the imp002-evb and I accidentally ripped out the micro-USB port while plugging the board in. I guess I can use the JST battery terminal as an alternative.

I was not sure which battery pack to use to power the imp up. I plan to use AAA batteries and I was wondering if a 3-AAA battery JST pack like the following one wold work.


The JST on the evb is only intended for a lithium-ion battery pack as it is hooked up to a charger. Since you have ripped off the usb which is normally where the charging current would come from, it’s probably ok to use the 3xAAA pack from Adafruit, but I wouldn’t recommend that in any other circumstance.

3xAAA Alkaline will be over the max voltage of a lithium-ion cell, so it’s also possible that the voltage could be too high. If you use NiMH batteries like Eneloop then the voltage should be right in range (plus they are rechargeable!).