Back on Sale: Electric Imp Tails

Due to popular demand, the Tails Kit we put together for Maker Faire a month or so back is now on sale through for a very reasonable $30.

The Kit comprises an imp001 card, April development board and the two Tails: one packing three environment sensors (to read temperature, humidity, air pressure and ambient light), and another with five WS2812 RGB LEDs. You can read more about the Tails – which clip straight onto the April’s connector pins - and try some sample projects here.

You’ll need an extra imp001 and April so you can use both Tails at once, so why not avail yourself of our imp001 Dev Kit and boost your order past the magic $35 required for free delivery?

Alternatively, for those of you seeking something more advanced, how about our imp002 Evaluation Board, which is based on our solder-down module and comes pre-fitted with sensors, buttons, GPIO breakouts and USB/LiPo/Li-ion power points (battery not included)? Yours for $35.

Is there any way for this to be purchased outside the US? I’ve tried ordering through Amazon and they won’t deliver to Australia.

We’re working on this, @Rolypoly

Excellent, looking forward to it! @smittytone

And they won’t deliver to the UK.