AWS mysql mangement

I have a device that send data to an agent, and my agent send data to a webpage php script, then this script take the data and send it to an ASW RDS instance, I use to run this php script on mywebsite to do some datamanagement. But now I want to do asynchronous action in my AWS RDS : so a php script can read and write to the db without needing my agent to call the php script, I’d like to have a php script running constantly to do some analysis and mantenance to my db ( and without using the agent to do it ).

Is it even possible? ( I’m pretty much an hardware guy than a website/ db developper …sorry )

If it is scheduled stuff try creating a cron job.

Otherwise have you tried any of the other AWS products (would be an alternative to website + php)

Some older posts on forum had also mentioned dreamfactory. It may be possible with that too.