Available memory

How much memory is available to store data agent side? I couldn’t find this anywhere, and I wanted to store an RRD-like datastore on the Agent (for later pushing to Google Charts)

I’m thinking of storing something like 1 sample every 3 minutes for a week, and 1 rolled up sample (10 samples) for 2 years.

You can call imp.getmemoryfree() from agents, and you’ll also want to check out server.save() to store data that outlasts server upgrades or migrations.

Thanks. What I’m trying to find out is about how much is available as server.save() objects.

The table passed to server.save is serialised to JSON, which currently cannot exceed 64kBytes. It will throw an exception otherwise.

Thanks Phil, exactly what I was looking for. Looks like I’ll have to pump it into another server for long-term storage/aggrigation.

@boffin - we’ve have classes for Xivel, AT&T M2X and Firebase - all of which may suite your needs!