Automated MAC address laser printing

I wondered if we could have any picture/video/information about the automated imp cover laser-printing process?

Somehow, during the production, a system shall be capable of reading the imp memory (MAC addres) before controlling the laser printing stage, I am curious to see how that is being realized…

Hugo described the process here. There’s also a video.

Thanks @philmy, I already watched the video but I did not read the post.

I will have to make an automated Unique ID reader+barcode generator soon and I would love to know/watch how that laser fixture is made.
My first idea was to use some kind of pogo pins but maybe this kind of solution is not robust enough on the long-term…

Anyway, thanks to the link.

Our fixture uses pogo pins; these are pretty much universally used in factory fixtures. The pins themselves can be swapped out without rewiring when they wear out, but are usually good for 50k+ uses.

Thanks Hugo for those details. Finally the pogo pins seems to be a good solution.